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Lovingly, carefully grown and shipped - from the tropical rain forests of Maui - to you.

Exotic Hawaiian Tropical Flowers


Bird of Paradise - Hana, Maui

Aloha from Hana Fantasy Company, growers and shippers of world-famous Hawaiian exotic tropical flowers. Farm-direct rare and exotic floral gifts from our fields in the rain forests of east Maui to your home or office via one or two-day air express delivery.

E komo mai (welcome)! Click Tour to enjoy a stroll through our farm. You will see "Maui's Tropical Glory" in all its splendor - and you will see how we harvest and prepare our magnificent flowers and foliage.

Click Boxes and Specials to see which flowers are in season, to learn what each gift bouquet includes, and to check out our specials. Ordering is quick, easy and secure. Click Store for details. Click Care for instructions on how to prolong the beauty of your exotic flowers. If you would like to learn more about the farm, Hana, Maui and us, click About.

Mahalo for visiting and for allowing us to share our aloha with the world.