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And now, a little about who we are, what we do and why we grow and ship the world's most beautiful and exotic flowers - from the tropical rain forests of Maui - to you.

Exotic Hawaiian Tropical Flowers


Hana Fantasy Company was born in the early 1970s by Sue Cuffe as a commercial art business with a focus on agriculture. In the late 70s and 80s Sue raised hogs and poultry, with an assortment of rabbits, goats and golden retrievers mixed in.

In 1987 Hana Fantasy Company moved to its present location near Hana, Maui. Sue began collecting and planting different varieties of exotic tropical flowers and plants. Hana Fantasy Company began shipping to the US Mainland in 1988, as well as supplying other shippers and local wholesale companies with flowers and foliage.

With the encouragement of Sue's mentor, Howard Cooper, Hana Fantasy Company began shifting market focus to the retail gift box and gift bouquet trade. Today their primary business is shipping tropical bouquets direct from their Hana, Maui, farm to customers around the globe.

Maui's year-round growing season insures that there is always an incredible assortment of fresh, colorful flowers available. Hana Fantasy Company farms more than 10 acres of flowers and foliage, resulting in an abundance of different shapes, sizes, textures and colors of tropical, exotic splendor. The rich volcanic rain forest soil and warm rain-laden trade wind breezes help create the ideal environment to raise the widest assortment of tropical flowers.

Let Hana Fantasy Company help you share your love and Aloha with an exotic gift of the finest tropical flowers in the world. Hana Fantasy Company's exotic gift boxes arrive in one to two days via FedEx. These gift boxes are full of a delightful assortment of fresh cut flowers and foliage which are ready to go into a vase. Hana Fantasy Company flowers are guaranteed to arrive fresh, and to last at least a week after arrival. Click for instructions on how to prolong the beauty of your exotic flowers. All prices include shipping via Fed Ex Standard Overnight Service. Ordering is quick, easy and secure. Click for details.

Mahalo for visiting our web site. When you are next on Maui, look for us on the road to Hana. We would love to meet you and share - firsthand - why we so dearly love sharing our Aloha with the world.

Hana Fantasy Company is a member of the Maui Flower Growers Association, a nonprofit organization that works to promote the flower industry of Maui.