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Make Your Flowers Last Tips on caring for the world's most beautiful and exotic flowers - no matter where in the world you live.

Exotic Hawaiian Tropical Flowers


With long vase lives, these exotic blooms from Hawaii can be enjoyed year round. Follow these simple steps to keep your arrangement looking its most vibrant for the longest possible time.

1. Unpack flowers immediately. To refresh the flowers upon arrival, you can soak the entire stems and flowers for 15 minutes in room temperature water.

2. Trim one-quarter inch off each stem, and place flowers in clean water in a clean vase.

3. Be sure to maintain an adequate supply of water in the vase. Spray or wet flower heads daily.

4. Avoid placing arrangement in direct sunlight.

5. Keep your arrangement in temperatures above 60 degrees farenheit (16 degrees celcius) because, after all, remember where they grew up. Keep flowers away from heat sources and drafts.

6. Change water in vase and trim stems one-quarter inch twice each week. Also, clean your vase weekly to avoid bacteria growth in vase water.

Hana Fantasy Company is a member of the Maui Flower Growers Association, a nonprofit organization that works to promote the flower industry of Maui.